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The Fibak Collection Gallery was established in 2001, its founder and owner is Wojciech Fibak. The gallery is located in the 18th-century outbuilding of the Czapski Palace (now the building of the Academy of Fine Arts), at 5 Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw. From the very beginning, she intensively marked her presence on the art market, developing contacts, among others cooperation with I. Büchner and the Program Gallery.


The value of the collected collection, as well as its location by the Royal Route, at the crossroads of Warsaw's cultural routes, make it one of the most important places for presenting Polish post-war art in a short time. The good spirit of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw is conducive to the appearance, next to the works of recognized artists, such as - T. Kantor, J. Lebenstein, W. Fangor, S. Gierowsk, R. Winiarski, and the works of the young generation, just starting their artistic path.


The idea of ​​perceiving art as the best showcase and ambassador of Poland has been determining the activity of Wojciech Fibak for years. The creation of the Gallery made it possible to promote and present Polish contemporary art to a wider audience, both at home and abroad. For nearly 20 years, the Fibak Collection Gallery has hosted dozens of important and iconic exhibitions by famous artists such as: Stefan Gierowski, Teresa Pągowska, Wojciech Fangor, Jan Dobkowski, Artur Nacht-Samborski, Jan Berdysiak, Bronisław Kierzkowski, Tadeusz Mysłowski, ... The collection is a living, constantly changing organism, systematically enlarged with new objects makes the Gallery a constantly interesting and surprising place.


Moreover, the Fibak Collection Gallery is a place where we present art as well as popularize Polish culture and artists. Wojciech Fibak has been gathering outstanding people from the art world for many years and with great care he selects the works that are part of his collection. The exhibition consists mainly of works by artists who have already entered the canon of contemporary art, but also young artists who are starting their artistic path. As a gallery, however, we do not deal with typically commercial activities. We don't "buy" images because we understand that they are not ordinary things. For us, they are the carriers of the creator's thoughts and emotions, and we want to pass this thought on.

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